There was such a sentimental feeling in me when i saw the picture of Prince George and his sister, Princess Charlotte, who was born on 6th June. We all know that every brother loves his sister, yet, this brotherly affection of Prince George, who kissed his royal sister, just reminds me always with my intention to have a brother.

A brother, particularly elder brother, always loves his sister to the moon and back. No matter what happens, he will always protects her and makes sure that nobody will hurt her. Once in my life i have two brothers, older than me, and it eas such a good moment seeing them protecting me from a man who mocked me. Yet it has been over. Since a big problem in my family, it seems like i no longer have some brothers. Even if we live in the same city, something separates us. Like you know, problem of feeling. Traumatic history.

At some point, the picture of this two royal kiddos, taken by their mom, will always reminds me that someday, i will raise my children well and ask them to protect each other. Because a sibling will be not only a good sibling, but also good partner, good friend, good protector, good savior.

Photo taken by: Dutchess of Cambridge

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